The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra April 15: An Astrological Video Forecast — 5 Comments

  1. We have a total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse coming up this time in Libra.
    relationships and our appreciation for beauty and art will be

  2. I really love your forcasts and appreciate your generosity in breaking it
    all down to be easiy digested. Thankyou. Mani

  3. Hello Shakti. What is the effect in one’s life when Mars conjuncts Natal
    Neptune in the April 14 Lunar Eclipse, especially if the person is into
    samurai sword martial arts?

  4. I don’t usually comment but I want to thank you for what u do and I’m
    really enjoying your videos! I wouldn’t mind getting a full reading.. I
    have lots of cusps.. do u have a website where we can discuss costs?