Astrological Forecasts Can be Scary!

I can understand that apprehension! Trust me! It is never my intention to limit you by giving you specific PREDICTIONS! The future is not set in stone! It is up to you which direction you want your life to take…

Nevertheless an Astrological Forecast will make you aware of the potential of the universal forces at work in the present moment. As a result you can maximize your response to all you encounter and align your efforts with the current cosmic trends for a successful and joyful life.

“I like to begin each New Year with a forecast and look at astrological shifts and movements to see what influences will cross my path. Having the guidance and insights of Shakti Carola Navran makes the query informative and fun. She has such a wealth of information and offers a depth of knowledge that really helps me understand the intricate layers of astrology. A session with Shakti combines the facts tied in with the main key to access one’s growth, consciousness. I enjoy the laughter and learning from my visit with Shakti, and would recommend her skills to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of astrology. On that note, I’m going to listen to the session again! With light and aloha, “
Anne K., Maui, fashion designer

“Just a note to say how fortunate I was to have you read my astrology chart. I was deeply impressed by your knowledge of the stars, the heavens above and the earth below, and how you see it all in a big picture, but also in the small ramifications. At the same time, you have a kind and honest heart so that I am reassured, even when the news are not all rosy, that you do not hesitate to speak the truth as you see it. I feel that I can trust you completely when I ask for a reading. Your insights stay with me always. but I do need refreshers once in a while and always happy when you make time for me. The journey is long and needs refueling stations. Thank you for having them always available! Until next time and with all the best wishes,” Ernestine, New York

Using Forecast Astrology to read and interpret the universal forces at work in any given period will give you a real advantage in your ability to deal with challenges in your life and take advantages of the opportunities that present themselves.

You are an eternal soul with a free will and choices for your life depending on your state of consciousness. There are no events written into stone where your future is concerned. Evolutionary Astrology is the astrology to give you choices and deep understanding!

And having said all that a forecast reading does give you some ideas what energies to expect in different areas of your life like your health, relationships and love or work and career.

Creating Your Dream Future

Your presence is the result of your beliefs, decisions and actions in your past as the future is the result of your consciousness and choices right now.

Knowing the universal forces at work will empower you tremendously to create the future of your dreams!

Forecast Astrology is Deepening Astrology

The term astrological forecast can be misleading and I often use the term Deepening Reading instead. It is the following and deepening session after you gained a good understanding of your natal chart through a reading of your Evolutionary Astrology.

In a Deepening Reading I like to give you an overview into the timeframe of the coming year. In astrology it all starts with your birth chart. We will look into the universal time quality of the year in relation to your horoscope. You need to have some understanding of the psycho-dynamics and your evolutionary destiny for this life time so we can than inquire into what is activated for you right now and in the year to come.

A Forecast or Deepening Reading should always give you better choices and help you to align with the universal energetic trends we read through different astrological lenses called transit, progressions, solar arcs and solar return. Any style of forecast technique relates back to your birth chart which describes the map your soul is starting out with on your journey. All these different techniques can give you a glimpse where you find yourself in your evolution.

Astrological Transits

Right now the positions of the planets in the heavens are in a specific relation to the planets in your chart reflecting the moment of your birth. We call them transiting planets when they form specific aspects defined by the angles they assume. Those angles can describe a harmonious or challenging energetic flow between the birth planets and the transiting one. The transits of the present moment will add their specific flavor to your soup! Transits are very important and one of the most used forecast tools in astrology.

Second Progressions and Solar Arcs

These are two different systems to relate to the movement of your planets in correlation to your age. We move the Sun and/or the other planets one degree per year forward from the day you were born. Those planetary positions can be put into a progressed or Solar Arc chart on their own or in relation to your birth chart.
I don’t want to bore you with too much technical mumble, just think about it as a way to look at where you are in your evolution in relation to your birth chart.

Solar Return

The Solar Return is a chart made for your exact birthday every year. You have birthday when your Sun is in the exact position it was at your birth. You will be surprised and find out that some years your true birthday is actually a day earlier than the date you are used to celebrate.
The Sun is in the same position but you will often have a different ascendant and the planets will be in the position of the presence. The solar chart gives us a general idea about the subjects and area of your life where the planets will impact you.

Please allow me to help you create the future of your dreams! As you might already know, I do all astrological readings online via Skype or at my studio on Maui, Hawaii. Email me or just call me at 808-878-8182, Hawaiian Time.

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