Astrological Counseling for Parents

Some “old school” parents believe that children need to be conditioned and molded in order to grow up and become successful and happy members of the community.

I disagree! I believe that children are just SMALL PEOPLE with an eternal soul and a karmic past. If you have more than one child, you are aware of how different they are from birth onwards and that they truly are born with some preformed personality. Just because they are young and need your help in many ways right now doesn’t mean they are a piece of clay to be formed. Is it possible that your child might have an even more evolved and mature soul than your own? That’s something to think about!

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Your Child’s Chart – Your Precious Manual

Astrology can give you insights into the soul dimension of your children as well as their talents, gifts, and challenges. An astrological parenting reading helps you to look at your child’s development from a higher perspective and enables you to be a more successful parent and educator.

Being a parent is the hardest and most rewarding job ever!

  • You are in it for a life time.
  • You cannot give up or get divorced.
  • Kids don’t come with an owner’s manual. You have to figure it out!
  • Usually you have not been trained or educated to be a successful parent.
  • The role models of your own parents might not do it for you.
  • You are in for the biggest adventure of your life as you nurture this small human being!

You need to get parenting right, so your children will want to be around you even when they are grown up and don’t have to. It is extremely rewarding and satisfying to be able to see your child grow up under your care into a fully flowered human being.

Most parents want their children:

  • To grow into their fullest potential possible.
  • Be a human being with great values and a passion for life.
  • Have the ability to give and receive love.
  • Be a valuable, contributing member of the society.
  • Become successful and autonomous in the world.
  • To be happy!

In order for you to play your part it helps to have the right insights and parenting skills. Parenting astrology can help you understand your children, your relationship with them, and how to best support them with the above goals.

“Shakti’s family/child readings are amazing. For me as a mother whose character is the exact opposite of my daughter’s, the reading was an invaluable guide on how I can allow her to flow in her own being. Before speaking to Shakti, I kept on trying to get her to do things that I enjoyed rather than recognizing her own character. I kept on trying to sit her down to a book when what her spirit wanted was to move, dance and perform. I stopped trying to change her into my image and likeness. Now I give her the space to explore all the things that she’s about–fire while I am water. Lots of gratitude to Shakti and all your clarity.”
Khan Pham, New York

Parenting Astrology Reading

When you have a reading with me we will discuss the following:

~ The Psycho-Dynamic Dimension:

”Psychodynamic” means how your child’s personality grows and develops. Astrology is a powerful tool for gathering insight into your children’s personality, including their emotions, their behavior, what motivates them, how they relate to other people, how they respond to challenges and defeats, and so on.

~ The Karmic Perspective:

We are constantly evolving as spiritual beings through our growing understanding and becoming more mindful of our actions. In the Eastern religions it is believed that we carry the consequences of our past actions with us in our spirit, meaning that we enter this present life with the karma of our past actions, and we continue to add to our karma through our actions in this life. Karma is simply the accumulated consequences of our actions―which makes sense no matter what your spiritual beliefs are.

An astrological parenting session will give you a better understanding, from the karmic perspective, of why your children are the way they are and how you can support them in the most beneficial way. The more you know about the evolutionary dimension of your children’s soul, the more attuned you can be to their needs and support the growth of their soul in the most optimal way.

~ The Interconnection between You and Your Child (Synastry):

Adults and children are complex beings, and they relate to each other in complex ways. Your children come into the world helpless and completely dependent on you, but within two short years they are already asserting their independence as “NO” becomes one of their favorite words! Both they and you struggle with this process of their growing into their own being, in their own complicated ways, while still needing you for guidance and nurturing.

Parenting can be baffling at times. A parenting astrology reading will help you make sense of things that don’t seem to have any logical cause or effective solution and will help you turn your interaction with your children into a joyful and productive relationship that enriches you and them.

Don’t Try to Change Anyone, Including Your Children

One if the biggest problems in any close relationship is our striving to change the other person to fit our own values and needs. This is a bad strategy because it gives the other person the power to make us happy or not. It is also a deep rejection of who the OTHER is in his or her core and it will create a lot of resentment down the road when the honeymoon phase with a partner ends or the children grow older.

Since you cannot truly change your children, loving and appreciating them for who they are goes a long way!

I recommend two child psychology books by Howard Glasser: All Children Flourishing: Igniting the Greatness of Our Children and Notching Up the Nurtured Heart Approach: The New Inner Wealth Initiative for Educators.

Now you’re probably wondering about “what does all that have to do with astrology?”

Your Children Are Old Souls With Their Own Agenda

Of course through the science of psychology, we know how much our inner dynamics are shaped by early and later childhood experiences and that the choices and decisions we make later in life are a result of those experiences. Most therapy deals with family constellations and early wounding. Yet, sometimes a well- adjusted child comes out of the same family as a very troubled and challenged sibling. Astrology can help you understand how this is possible, and how who your child is doesn’t depend only on your parenting. Isn’t it good to know that not everything rests solely on your shoulders?

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