The Art of Evolutionary Astrology & Astrological Counseling

Astrology Helps You to Thrive!

Astrology is an old science as well as an art. To really reap all the benefits that astrology can offer, I highly recommend a reading of your astrological birth chart with a professional astrologer.

Just as you wouldn’t go to a hobby dentist, it’s best to seek out an experienced astrologer who has a deep knowledge of astrology and mature wisdom.

“I have intended to write you sooner… Anyways, I really wanted to let you know how very meaningful the reading was, and how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to hear your interpretation of my chart. There are SO Many valuable messages that I received from you during our meeting, which I am forever grateful for. I wanted to write you a longer explanation… but I am still processing everything I suppose. There were so many things you said that have come up in my life since we met… where your advice helped me make sense of things. I feel a bit more at peace with my current situation, challenging as it may be, since speaking with you. I feel more confident that things are looking up in my future as well…which I think was crucial for me to recognize. Thank you again for your time and sharing your gift with me! All my best,”
K. D. Maui

Your Evolutionary Astrology Horoscope

Astrology is an ancient wisdom tradition that can guide you to thrive in your life! Your personal natal birth chart is your blueprint to guide you to a meaningful life fully lived.

As an evolutionary astrologer I begin by looking into the psychodynamic structures that your astrology horoscope reveals; your potential and challenges, and then your karmic background and the implications of all of those forces for your soul’s journey. Becoming aware of the story of your prior life and the unfinished business you have brought with you into this life will give you a deep understanding of why you are this person with these specific qualities. Then you can understand your soul’s destiny and find your healing journey. Your astrological reading will enrich you with a stronger expression of your talents and potentials.

This is beautiful and deeply meaningful work that will leave you with clarity and better choices for difficult areas of your life.

Your Natal Astrology Chart & the Purpose of Your Soul

In evolutionary astrology we focus on the evolutionary purpose of your life right now.

  • Why are you facing these particular issues and challenges in your life? What can you do about them?
  • Where are you in your journey toward your highest possible potential?
  • Using astrology to read and interpret the universal forces at work will help you to find a higher perspective and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

I would like to invite you to experience the magic of astrology by helping you to align yourself in a conscious way with the universal forces. Consciousness is your key to unlocking the future you have been dreaming about. Astrology can bring you into awareness of the universal principle of the Law of Attraction—that whatever you focus on most, more of that will come into your life—and how you have been manifesting your life’s script.

If you like to experience a reading with me, please email or call me in Hawaii 808-878-8182.

Astrology & Power Gems & Healing Birthstones

In our session I will point you toward solutions and positive ways to work with your specific challenges. There are myriad ways to help balance your areas of friction and challenges by finding ways to heal. One of the most powerful is to use the energy of healing gemstones. With 37 years of experience as a jeweler, astrologer, and healer, I can point you toward your true birthstones based on your personal horoscope.
The conventional knowledge is that you have one or two birthstones. However, when you look more deeply into your individual astrological planets and signs and how they are positioned in your birth chart, you will find a more individualized and expanded selection of stones corresponding to the unique being you are.
You actually have 14 gemstones that are your main healing gemstones. These 14 gemstones are your true and most important birthstones. You can learn more about your own personal power stones—your true gemstones for the soul—by ordering your personal Gemstone Profile.

If you like to experience a reading with me, please email or call me in Hawaii 808-878-8182.

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