Love Astrology and Relationships

Scared of Astrology?

Let me say this first: If you are in a relationship you have a good reason to be together with your partner! My couple readings are not about judging if your relationship is good or bad. You are together; we can safely assume you have some important momentum together! But I believe you can always grow your connection and make it even better! The decision and choices you make will shape your future and are totally depending on your state of emotions and consciousness.

Relationship Astrology is about Gaining Love Skills

If you want your honeymoon to extend and keep those feelings of passion, juice, gratefulness and appreciation going you need to do similar things you used to do when you were more in the beginning of your relationship.

With honeymoon or love astrology it is all about how to make your relationship run more smoothly, lovingly and truly supportive by deeply finding understanding for each other with respect, kindness and compassion.

If we can bring a deeper, conscious understanding into the specifics and dynamics between the two of you, you have a much better chance to deepen the love and joy you deserve to find.

“I am SO THANKFUL to have met Shakti! She brought such insight to my boyfriend & mine relationship. This reading has sparked many breakthroughs in myself & those around me. I gave a session as a gift to my mother in law & she could not believe how many things she hadn’t seen before. I want to share this experience with everyone especially those close to me. Knowledge is power & I have never felt more in control of my own life as I do now. The knowledge Shakti shares is truly from the heart & her integrity & wisdom is such a gift which can enable all of us to live more freely with deeper joy in our lives. I have experienced this first hand & think everyone deserves that. Thank you for your Light & Love!”
Adria Marin, Maui

Love Astrology Can Be Healing

Often we experience pain and reactivity because our partner touches us in old wounded, inner places. But I have good news for you! This can change!
You are an eternal soul on a journey of deepening into an ever expanding consciousness and new experiences. You might have danced together with your partner in prior lives and now came together again for healing or deepening of your soul connection.
I do believe you are more than your past, even more than your karmic history. You are shaping your future right now depending on your values, beliefs and goals and the decisions you make. And this is where Love Astrology can shift your perspective and can be of tremendous help for you!

Lasting Relationship ~ Ever Deepening Love

If you are in a long term, committed relationship you know it takes effort and focus to make it work. Relationships which last – have similar values, beliefs, goals and skills of communication. You need to perceive enough of similarity and harmony to feel good and safe with your chosen partner, but it also takes differences to inspire and challenge to help each other grow.

One of the guiding principles is that the better you know yourself and your own needs, so better you are at communicating them and choosing somebody who will be able to respond.

Your Astrological Map to Love

With the help of astrology we will have a look at your inner map for happiness and love and how that will mesh with the map of your partner:

  • What is your reigning emotional need to feel safe and nourished? (Moon)
  • How do you approach intimacy? (Venus)
  • We will look at your communication skills and how you are wired to receive criticism and information. (Mercury)
  • What is your karmic connection? (Moon Nodes)
  • What is your true purpose together? (North Node)
  • Synastry: The Interaction of Your Two Natal Charts. We also will look into how your two individual maps are interconnected with each other and the resulting relationship dynamics.
  • Composite Chart: The Horoscope for Your Relationship. Based on your two charts we will look at what kind of a relationship you two create together: The unique relationship being you two are by coming together.

A Vision of Love in Old Age

When I was 12 years old I was on a train from Germany to France to visit an aunt of mine. We were already in France and I was alone in the compartment when a very old French couple came in and sat down opposite side of me. They looked all wrinkled up and very, very old to me. Looking backwards I would say they were in their nineties.

They didn’t say a word, just sat next to each other, holding each other’s hand.

There was so much love, intimacy, well-being and presence in that little room that I was in awe and deeply touched! I have never forgotten this incident! This is how I like my relationship to look like growing old together! This is how I like my heart to flower!

I wish for you to have the fullest joy possible in your relationship with an open and loving heart! If my words resonate with you please email me or call me in Hawaii 808-878-8182. I am looking forward to connect…


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