MASTER ASTROLOGY ACADEMY: Learning Astrology Online

Now you can learn to read a birth chart and all the intricate dimensions of astrology from the comfort of your home with an online seminar.

Astrology can be a spiritual journey and a wisdom path. Learning astrology to get to know yourself more deeply or to embark on a new career as an astrologer can both be very valuable for your own inner spiritual growth and maybe help you to be a stronger force for good in the world.

If you are interested in Learning Astrology with me I can give you the first video of my program for free so you get an idea what to expect. Just connect with me at shaktiastrology at

Nuts & Bolts


The underlying idea in Evolutionary Astrology is that you are an immortal being eternally incarnating in order to grow into higher levels of consciousness. It looks at your horoscope as:

  • Your blueprint or lesson plan for this life time
  • Your unresolved karma, wounds and blockages you carry over into this life time and create an unconscious point of attraction of things you might not like
  • But even more significant your chart shows you how to heal and how to access your deep inner purpose and spiritual destiny for this life
  • In this first video we’ll discuss the roots, and development of astrology over time
  • Understanding the Hermetic Principle, the Above and the Below and why astrology works

 Evolutionary Astrology and the specifics of what you are going to learn… 

Astrology in its highest expression is not about putting you into a box by fortune telling or trying to decipher the future. The future is not set in stone but a moving field which Quantum Physics describes as an unlimited field of potentiality brought into existence by our thoughts and consciousness.

That unfolding potential is symbolized by the planets in their signs and houses. The kind of astrology I teach is called Evolutionary Astrology, and is the Astrology of Freedom. The freedom of choice of unfolding the highest potential, the high end manifestation of certain archetypes into the world of form. Conscious awareness is the key for good choices and not just unconscious belly reactions to life from our accumulated unconscious mind, feelings and conditioning.

This kind of astrology can give you deep insights into the lesson plan your soul has chosen for this lifetime. Used in this way astrology then becomes a wonderful tool for spiritual growth, healing and expansion of consciousness.

Of course that includes a look at your right livelihood in finding a deeply successful and meaningful professional expression. It includes information about what to pay attention to and enabling you to recognize your perfect partner, mate and friends when they enter your life. Your chart also gives you concrete guidance about how to make your relationships truly intimate and functioning. And what to do to be truly happy and fulfilled.

There is information about how to Self-love yourself more deeply which has to do with your connection to the Divine. Depending on the depth of that inner connection with your Source energy you can be deeply inspired and tapping into ultimate creativity and intuitive guidance.

In order to learn how to read a chart you will learn about:

Signs, Houses, Planets and Aspects

  • You will discover how your own chart gives you deeper self-knowledge
  • You will be able to create a chart
  • You will know the “glyphs” for both signs, houses and planets
  • You will learn the Element and Mode structure of signs
  • You will start to weave an understanding of the complex dimensions of a chart
  • You will learn about the evolutionary perspective and dimension of karma

“Astrology is a very deep and complex subject and I am so happy to have found a teacher like Shakti. She has the skill to organize and communicate the material in a way that fits my learning style. Shakti has many years of experience, so she radiates authority. Mixed with clarity, kindness and passion, she is a fabulous teacher. I already had some astrological knowledge, but she has brought me to another level. She has inspired me with her beautiful presentations, explaining to me both the practical and philosophical aspects of this grand subject. I recommend her warmly for individual readings and as a teacher.”
Sonja Aclon, Maui

Nuts and Bolts: Introduction into Astrological Thinking, Part 2

We can use the insight of Evolutionary Astrology to give us a road map

  • To live the highest creative expression available to us and manifest our dreams
  • Deepened self-reflection, self-awareness and inner growth
  • The 4 elements: fire, earth, air and water representing the 4 temperaments and energetic leanings we have
  • The hemispheres and the information they reveal
  • The solar system and the zodiac: How does it all work together?
  • What is the difference between Houses and Signs?
  • How the individual pieces of signs, houses, planets and aspects all lay the ground work for understanding and reading a chart

We Learn About the 12 Different Archetypes Expressed by the Sun Signs 

The Signs show who we are by symbolizing different inner aspects and bringing them to life. Houses show how and where we bring those principles into manifestation. You could say: We are the signs and we do the houses! So we will start with the discussion of the signs before we move to planets, aspects and houses.

  • The personality
  • The high and low end manifestations of the archetype
  • Medical reference, areas of physical weakness and challenges you want to keep an eye on
  • Healing Modalities
  • Practical suggestions
  • The healing gemstones for the sign
  • The evolutionary goal

Sun Signs and the Table of Remedies

We will take a further and deeper look at the shadow aspects of the different signs and especially into the high end applications and manifestations for a more fulfilling, creative and happier life. 

We Learn about the Houses: from Houses 1 to 12

The Houses are areas or spheres of action, providing life experience for the evolution of self. They provide the playing field for the planets in the signs to be active in. Houses are behavioral! The 12 houses correlate with the 12 signs of the zodiac.

To calculate the houses, it is necessary to know the exact time, date, and location of your birth. The houses are divisions of the ecliptic plane around the Sun as seen from the earth. They are numbered counter-clockwise from the ASC (Ascendant) or cusp of the first house.

I use Placidus which is the most commonly used house system in modern Western astrology.

We learn about the Planets

Planets are the vehicles to bring the energies of the signs into expression. You could see them as channels to allow the energy of the sign to flow through into different areas of our life (symbolized by the houses).

Aspects between the Planets

Aspects in astrology are defined as specific angular connections between the planets.  An aspect is an angle the planets make to each other in the chart or also to the four angular points of ASC, DSC, IC and MC and other points of astrological interest. Specifically, the Ptolemaic aspects I am teaching include the conjunction 0 degree, sextile 60 degrees, square 90 degrees, trine 120 degrees and opposition 180 degrees.

Aspects are always about integration of the two points in the chart they are connecting in a challenging or harmonic way.

How to pull it all together

Now you will learn how to read a birth chart

If you have made it so far now you are ready to pull it all together. I walk you through the structure and mechanics of how to actually do a reading and make sense out of your horoscope. It will be most exhilarating to find out how to put the pieces together and what wisdom you can gleam on deeper and deeper levels of this astrological journey.

Cost of the Training Program

$ 399

I hope I have inspired you to sign up for my academy to understand astrology and learn how read a chart. I am always looking forward to hear your feedback and questions. Have fun and enjoy the process!

Aloha and all the best,

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