Sun in Aries Astrology & Equinox: An Astrological Video Forecast — 4 Comments

  1. I am the ultimate time traveler. Leaving for a holiday I have been
    preparing videos for you well into April, going back and force in time. I
    hope I didn’t get confused on those different time lines… Here is your
    Sun in Aries video with the Spring Equinox for you, please share and like
    me… aloha Shakti.

  2. I enjoy your video’s very much Shakti. I also love rocks and gemstones.
    Thank you for teaching with your information that helps me to make the most
    of my life. Many blessings to you.

    ps. I was born in W.VA. on oct.23, 1961 @ 3:10 pm
    So I love finding out more about my nature through astrology.

  3. Aloha CArola Shakti hope thinks evolving after Jubiter Mars and Saturn
    house moving after mid 2014 thanks for sharing Claudia

  4. Thanks Shakti really enjoyed the gems you sent me for Gemini. I don’t know
    their names and wondered if you could just pick the most important one’s
    and give the name of the gem. How about the one for love? You put a lot of
    effort in your astrology it shows! Namaste