A True Capricorn Birthstone for December: The Metaphysical Meaning of Quartz Crystal — 4 Comments

  1. Have a look at the practical applications of crystal quartz as one of the
    true birthstones for Capricorn and December…

  2. Here is a way to uplift Capricorn energies with crystals and enter the
    world of mysterious gemstones…

  3. Thanks for sharing I really got a good feeling from you . I believe that
    you are doing a good thing for people. I am on Vancouver Island BY if I
    ever come to your island I would love to meet you .Keep it up .

  4. Hi Shakti I am Nora. Have enjoyed your take on Quartz Crystal. for
    Capricorn would like to have a taste of more info on the fourteen stones
    that will help keep my energy higher and protective for me. I think I
    have beeb really stuck emotionally and must remove that energy and the
    power to move it out of my field. please get back to me. Thank you and
    always Victory in the Lite. Nora