dreamstime_305263We have an intense month of November ahead of us. Mars, the Roman God of War will be in a conjunction and joining forces with Pluto, the God of Death and deep transformation on November 10. On November 12, the warrior planet Mars will be in exact square to Uranus, the God of Lightening and Revolution. You can imagine we are having some explosive potentials ahead of us.

But I just want you to remember: There are no bad planets! Some planets have more challenging energies for us to integrate but the deciding factor on how we are able to grow and mature is our state of consciousness. The Pluto square to Uranus is going on for years now and will be until the end of 2015.

We, as the people are called to individual healing of trauma and inner growth to raise consciousness collectively as a result of that. All the unrest we are seeing in the world is part of that learning process. The outer world is the dream we are experiencing in order to wake up to who we really are as part of the Divine plan and evolution.

The question is how can you balance yourself? How can you find your place in all this? How can you step up with courage into the unknown and the new horizon of consciousness? And how can you be of help for others? Astrology is holding some answers for you because it gives you the wisdom perspective for higher or lower choices based on the energetic, archetypal fields involved.

Following the Lunar astrology with the magical points of the Full Moon and New Moon you can learn to align yourself consciously with the universal currents and navigate the emotional, choppy waters more graciously. Having an astrological birth chart reading will give you an in-depth understanding of your blueprint and your soul’s journey.

full-moon-in-taurus-astrology-an-astrological-video-forecast3_thumbnail.jpgFull Moon in Taurus November 6
This Full Moon is a time of harvesting that which has started with the New Moon in Scorpio. The Sun, now in Scorpio is shining the light into your emotional responses symbolized by the Moon. Scorpio invites you to move beyond your fears into deep honesty and integrity with yourself.

When we look at a Full Moon or planets in Taurus, the soul has a need to learn to be more down to earth, realistic, grounded, calm, centered in the world and gaining a deepened sense of self-value.

With Taurus you are invited to take care for your body and your needs, and find out how to balance yourself within the demands of the physical world. Step by step Taurus moves ahead, faces reality and what needs to be done.

With the Pluto/Mars conjunction and the Mars square to Uranus, events might happen which are out of your hands and control. But with the Taurus energies you will get help to integrate and ground yourself step by step in the NOW.

Chopping wood and carrying water, enlightened or not, attunement to practical demands of life is crucial!

dreamstime_2595255New Moon in Sagittarius November 22
Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the Roman King of the Gods. We look at him as the adventurer and philosopher asking for a fun as well as meaningful life. This new cycle starts with the most gregarious, outgoing, fiery sign of the zodiac…Sagittarius. Your attention is pointed outwards and towards growth and fortunate manifestations.

Sagittarius also always wants to teach us a higher wisdom perspective by pushing us beyond our boundaries in order to grow. It is a sign which values freedom and adventure.
The New Moon always starts a new round of growing into higher levels of emotional awareness. This month you want to become more aware of how you have been underestimating yourself in your life. Be more outrageous and daring! Give life a chance to lift you up into new dimensions of understanding yourself and others. This is your contribution to the possibility of a quantum leap in the collective consciousness.

It is a time to ask yourself: where you have been holding back and underestimating yourself? It is a month to step up to the plate, play your hand fully and take some risks.

Shakti Carola Navran evolutionary astrologer and published author: “I have been giving astrological readings professionally for 35 years now. I love to do this work! Looking at a chart through the evolutionary perspective of the soul adds a deeply meaningful and significant perception of yourself in your life, giving you better choices to align yourself with the current cosmic flow.”

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