Last month was amazing in respect to the level of energy we all experienced and needed to move and integrate. With an already always busy mind we were running on the mental super highway often in several directions all at once. I was often tired and already crashing at 9 at night, so finished with processing one more thing.

On June 24 Uranus and Pluto had their first exact square out of seven. These are the guys who have been responsible for the evolutionary wave building up to a turning point. Especially Pluto in Capricorn has been highlighting the economical problems we need to address. Stock markets were crashing; what else is new? Each one of us is asked to implement these tremendous energies in a very personal way. The question you need to ask yourself is “what is it do I intend to offer in my life to the Gods of change?”

Mercury, the ruler of all mental processes, our senses of perception, all communication, travels and the nervous system will be in Leo, turning retrograde the second time this year on July 14 until August 7. In a Mercury retrograde phase things are known to slow down, miscommunications spike up, mail gets lost, planes are late, computers have problems, contracts get signed late or never… you are getting the picture. You will need a little more patience than usual and turn your attention more inwardly, digesting the mercurial flow of information.

Mercury in Leo tends to think and act big and boldly and maybe more from the ego structure than a higher perspective. Slowing things down will help. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, both planets turning retrograde within a day of each other. Revolutionary impulses are boosted.

Full Moon in Capricorn
A Full Moon is always bringing light and awareness into the specifics of its sign. The light of consciousness shines and reveals hidden layers and dynamics.

Capricorn is the sign of discipline, focus, the great work, the big mountain to climb, responsibility and our adjustment to the material reality we live in. With the Moon in Capricorn we tend to be more sober in our outlook of life. There is some growing up to do and looking at your life as it is, without the rose colored glasses. A reality check of what is working for you and what is not is the first step into setting new goals and intentions. Whenever you look at what you don’t want, you know what you do want. And only then do you have a chance to implement the necessary steps and make it happen. Every journey starts from the place you are…

This Full Moon is also moving through a conjunction with Pluto, the god of death and transformation. In order to achieve the new, you need to let go of the old.

New Moon in Cancer
We are starting into a new cycle of Mother Moon with an invitation to become more aware of our feelings. Our emotions are our inner guidance system to let us know if we are on the right track or heading in the wrong direction. If we ignore or stuff down our emotions we might end up with numbness or depression, cut off from a rich inner and outer experience.

Cancer is representing the home and family we have created. In our home we can feel safe, comfortable and nourished. With the New Moon in Cancer and Mercury retrograde we all can enjoy a more inward motion and make our inner life truly important.

If you are a mother, take a Mom’s day off and do something truly nourishing for yourself like having a massage or hang out with some girlfriends… replenishing your oxytocin, your happy hormone. If you are a man, massage and wife/girlfriend time should work as well…

Shakti Carola Navran evolutionary astrologer, blogger and published author: “I have been giving astrological readings professionally for 34 years now. I love to do this work! Looking at a chart through the evolutionary perspective of the soul adds a deeply meaningful and significant perception of yourself in your life, giving you better choices to align yourself with the current cosmic flow. Call me at 808 878–8182 Hawaiian Time.


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