The HERKIMER DIAMOND is a True Birthstone for Scorpio & Libra: We will discuss the Metaphysical Meaning of the Herkimer Diamond and what it can do for you. More about healing gem powers you can find at my other site.

Herkimer Diamonds can help to support, balance, heal and nourish you in your Scorpio and Libra qualities. Herkimer Diamonds carries the signature of Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Pluto, Saturn and Uranus and has been looked at as representing the energies of the healer and lover.
The HERKIMER DIAMOND is a double terminated Crystal quartz of the highest quality. He is all sparkly and shiny by nature without being cut or polished. That is why we call it HERKIMER DIAMOND because of the other most reflective gem we know of is the Diamond.
Because of the double termination, the plus and minus pol, it is the best stone to balance your aura against electro smog and negative energies in general. It stabilizes your heart chakra which is the middle one of the 7 chakras.
Most people think they have one or two birthstones, like the Garnet for March. But a more in-depth reading of your birth chart uncovers many more stones—about 14 in all—corresponding to your life themes and more intricate facets of who you are as a person.


Shakti has developed the personalized Gemstone Profile Report for you. It includes descriptions of about 14 stones which are your true birthstones, your main healing and most important gemstones. It will contain 20 pages of information tailored to your individual astrological birth chart. That information will serve as an excellent foundation for you to find or create your own Jewelry for the Soul.

These 14 gemstones represent the most favorable stones in your birth chart for the 10 classical planets, your Moon Nodes, your Ascendant and Chiron. The gemstones I choose for you depend on what sign and house position the planets are in on your chart and how they are aligned with each other. Your gemstone profile is completely individual, unlike anyone else’s, because it corresponds to the exact moment of your birth.

Get Your true Gemstone Profile!

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