Astrological Signs Free Monthly Forecasts and Moon Astrology 2014-10-31 21:45:51

We have an intense month of November ahead of us. Mars, the Roman God of War will be in a conjunction and joining forces with Pluto, the God of Death and deep transformation on November 10. On November 12, the warrior planet Mars will be in exact square to Uranus, the God of Lightening and Revolution. You can imagine we are having some explosive potentials ahead of us.

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Sun in Sagittarius Astrology Teachings: An Astrological Video Forecast


Sun in Sagittarius Astrology Forecast and video forecast for November/December 2013. For individual astrological birth chart readings Sun in Sagittarius Astrology Forecast for November/December 2013 will give you practical suggestions how to adjust with the energies of the stars … Continue reading →

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