Secrets of Crystal Healing and True Birthstones Astrology


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Astrologers Can Use Your Astrological Horoscope to Balance You With a Gemstones List

Healing Gemstones can balance your natal birth chart. Gemstones have always been a remedy for your horoscope to balance and heal. Most people think they have one or two birthstones, like the aquamarine for March. But a more in-depth … Continue reading →

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North Node Astrology for Sagittarius & The Birthstone is Tanzanite

Evolutionary Astrological readings .Your North Node of the Moon symbolizes your karmic destiny for this life, your healing and evolutionary purpose. You can support yourself on that journey and use your North Node gemstone. Find out how you can … Continue reading →

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South Node Astrology for Gemini & The True Birthstone is Yellow Sapphire


Evolutionary Astrology Readings online .The South Node describes our karmic past, our habituated structures, unfinished business and trauma we need to evolve out of and heal. Your gemstone for your South Node can help you vibrationally and as a … Continue reading →

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Neptune in Scorpio Astrology & Your True Birthstone is Opal

The God Neptune is the mystic in us, our inner door to the infinite. Find astrological remedies & spiritual healing with gemstones for your horoscope. You can find out about YOUR own Neptune stone based on your chart with your … Continue reading →

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Saturn in Sagittarius Astrology & The True Birthstone is Labradorite

If you have your Saturn in Sagittarius this can help to lift it to a higher level. Evolutionary astrology online can help you individually working your Saturn right . This is a most challenging principle: Saturn is the planet … Continue reading →

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Chiron in Aquarius Astrology:The True Birthstone is Aquamarine

Online evolutionary astrology readings to find out about your personal horoscope & birth chart. Chiron symbolizes the Wounded Healer and mentor of the children of the Gods. In your natal birth chart Chiron shows an area where you need … Continue reading →

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Leo Ascendant Astrology & True Birthstone is Ruby

Online astrology readings with professional astrologer and what your personal horoscope needs in the way of balance. What does a Leo Ascendant need to thrive? Shakti Carola Navran talks about how to balance and support your astrological planets in … Continue reading →

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Sun Astrology for Aquarius & True Birthstones


Sun Astrology for Aquarius & how you can balance with gemstones which are your true birthstones. Find out about your personally relevant true healing gemstones based on your astrology with your Astrological Gemstone Profile Report for just $ 19.99 … Continue reading →

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Mercury Astrology for Aquarius & True Birthstones


You can benefit more fully from your Mercury in your natal birth chart through lessons with evolutionary astrology because consciousness is the key. Mercury is the communicator & story teller. The position and support for your Mercury is crucial … Continue reading →

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