Lunar Astrology: Moon Reflections & More for July 2017 by Shakti Carola Navran

July is an intense month gearing us up for the coming Total Solar Eclipse in August over the heartland of America. The big themes coming up are political upheavals around the president coming to a head with the Solar Eclipse … Continue reading →

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Moon Reflections & More for July 2014: Full Moon in Capricorn & New Moon in Leo

This month it is all about your individuality, your creative self-expression and how you are able to shine more brightly from your essence, your heart. Who are you as an individual in your community? What do you have to give? • The Sun will be in Cancer for most of the month and transits into Leo […]

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Sun in Capricorn Astrology Teachings & Winter Solstice: An Astrological Video Forecast


Sun in Capricorn Astrology December/January 2013 and Winter Solstice: An Astrological Video Forecast and teaching. For individual astrological birth chart readings This astrological teachings will be relevant if you have your Moon, your Sun or any other planets or … Continue reading →

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