New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo Sept 12/13, 2015: An Astrological Video Forecast

Happy Solar Eclipse!

With the powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse coming up this weekend you are invited to update your consciousness and plant a new seed within the paradigm of the sign of Virgo… Please have a look at the video I have prepared for you. It would be wonderful if you like it and share it with your friends!

As you know I am very passionate about astrology as a wonderful tool to gain a wisdom perspective onto my own life and that of my clients. As a result of that higher perspective life’s events become more meaningful and easier to tackle.

A good birth chart reading can be truly life changing when it alters the fabric of consciousness through which you perceive your own being and personal self-expression. You can redefine areas of problems into challenges of healing and personal growth and gain insight about how to meet those areas best.

A yearly update with a forecast reading of where you are in your evolutionary journey and which planetary forces want to be integrated sharpens that self-awareness. It can help you to be pro-active and help your dreams come true.

Today I want to let you know about a new service I am offering to my clients who have already experienced the power of astrology and want to take it to another level. I am introducing Astrological Counseling as an hour of reflection and feedback on an as needed base. We would just get together for an hour and you share where you are in your life or which specific challenges you might be facing. We would be looking at special decisions you have to make or areas you would like to have a deeper insight about from a higher wisdom perspective.


I would just be available for feedback and guidance from your astrological and evolutionary soul perspective. I am pretty excited about this new way of offering the wisdom of astrology on a more ongoing base for my clients. It seems like my astrological practice has been moving organically into this direction and I really like it…

For now I am sending you all the best wishes for the Solar Eclipse new possibilities for all the wisdom, health, love and abundance you can imagine. Please contact me at or call me in Hawaii 808 878 8182.

Being in alignment with the stars can help you surf the cosmic waves with success, joy and exhilaration…  

Aloha and many blessings,

Shakti Carola Navran

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