pisces mysteries squareAstrologically we are about to start a New Year. On March 20, we will experience the Spring Equinox, marked by the Sun moving into Aries. Western astrology is based on the seasons and therefore this is a very important moment for fresh beginnings. At this time we feel invigorated to make new plans or set new intentions for the coming year. I just started a new habit of re-conditioning my mind through purposeful applied meditations and trances for better health and emotional well-being. It is very powerful to start a new commitment to yourself around this time of the year.

This month we will also have two Full Moons: The first one in Virgo is concerning herself with healing and well-being and the second one resides in loving Libra. The New Moon will be in the spiritual inspired sign of Pisces.
Full Moon at 11 Degrees Virgo at 4:51 pm PST, March 1: The Wisdom of the Servant and Healer
A Full Moon always brings light and awareness into the specifics of its sign. For a brief period of time we feel our inner world of emotions more intensely than usual. Wherever that Full Moon is located in your chart, you might feel more emotional in your responses than usual. It serves you to pay attention and use the energies purposefully to your advantage.
Virgo is a sign of service, mentoring, health and well-being. Virgos are quietly reliable, attending to the smallest details of any project in an organized way. Virgos are earthy, practical people who are good with their hands, combining those qualities with their attention to detail. With the Moon in this sign, you get an extra dose of these qualities in order to figure things out and re-organize your life.
This is a good time to set some intentions for your health and take some actions steps towards it. As a hypnotherapist myself I love guided meditations and induced trances to implant my unconsciousness with new intentions and allow a new vision for the future to pull me forward. With all the new brain research available to us it would be asinine not to use all that knowledge to our advantage. Check out Joe Dispenza as one of the many people in that field of application.
New Moon at 26 Degrees Pisces at 6:11 am PST, March 17: The Mystic and Spiritual Teacher
The Virgo Full Moon already opposed and activated the Sun in Pisces and now there is also the New Moon in Pisces. Add in the second Full Moon in Libra and realize you are invited to expand and see life through a more spiritual framework based on a deep sense of connection with others and with the entire universe.
Pisces gives you the gift of love, compassion, empathy for others and a deepened inner, spiritual dimension. Moments of higher consciousness are available to you, connecting you with the mystical dimension of life. Pisceans are connected with the creative forces underlying our reality, which can be expressed in artistic ways.
My suggestion for this month is to find out how you can serve the greater good. This way you would be making good use of the New Moon in Pisces, as well as, the Full Moon in Virgo; these energies complement each other, taking you out of an ego driven small perspective of life.
Full Moon at 10 Degrees Libra at 5:36 am PST, March 31: The Lover and Artist
If you are single and looking for a mate, now is a good time to get out of the house and socialize to give life a chance to bring somebody special to you. If you are in an intimate relationship, you can strive for appreciation, gratitude for love being in your life and ever deepening trust, intimacy and true self-expression.
With the Full Moon in Libra you will become more aware that there is a true need in you for connection, love and to share generously from your heart. I truly believe that we need to be able to receive as well as give in order to feel deeply satisfied, useful and truly happy.
Ask yourself how YOU can achieve that higher level of consciousness we call LOVE in your life. And decide which steps you will take to get closer to it…

Shakti Carola Navran evolutionary astrologer and published author: “I have been giving astrological readings professionally for 40 years now. I love to do this work! Looking at a chart through the evolutionary perspective of the soul adds a deeply meaningful and significant perception of yourself in your life, giving you better choices to align yourself with the current cosmic flow.”
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