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moon astrology

Lunar Astrology: Moon Reflections & More for September 2015

This is an interesting month coming up with a Solar Eclipse in Virgo, a Lunar Eclipse in Aries and the Autumnal Equinox. Eclipses in general are extra powerful new beginnings (New Moon) and endings (starting with the Full Moon).

We might not feel it yet with the heat still going strong, but the summer is coming to an end. We are entering autumn, which is the time of harvest and reaping the results of our labor and efforts. It is a time to celebrate our bounty with harvest celebrations (Thanksgiving) and gratefulness in our hearts.


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo Sept 12 – 13, 11:41 pm PST

dreamstime_3172415A Solar Eclipse is always a New Moon. A Solar Eclipse is happening when the Moon is briefly between the Sun and the earth. Eclipses can be compared to rebooting your computer with new updates.  Only your brain holding your consciousness is the computer. If you know in which astrological sign the Solar Eclipse is in, it will give you the specifics about which area in your life will need rebooting.

Virgo is a sign of service, mentoring, health and well-being. Virgos are quietly reliable, attending to the smallest details of any project in an organized way. Virgos are earthy, practical people, who are good with their hands and who combine these qualities with their attention to detail.

With Virgo we are called to be fully engaged with life in a very practical way. With the New Moon in Virgo, ruled by Mercury, you are invited to contemplate your right livelihood and the specific gifts only you can give to the world. You are sensitized to the highest vision, the connection between your head and your heart, your sense of well-being and how you can serve the greater good.

From an evolutionary point of view, Virgo learns about discernment instead of criticism, integration instead of fragmentation and loving attention to detail. It is also the sign for healing, well-being and proper self-care.

With this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo you will become more aware that there is a true need in you to share from your heart. Ask yourself how YOU can deepen your commitment to be of greater service and be doing something deeply meaningful with your life, and you will be on your way to finding your right livelihood.

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Aries, Sept 27 – 28, 7:50 PST

a-full-moon-lunar-eclipse-in-aries-an-astrological-video-forecast3_thumbnail.jpgA Lunar Eclipse is always a Full Moon where the Moon passes into the earth shadow, interrupting the energetic flow of light from the Sun towards the Moon. For a brief period of time we feel our inner world of emotions more directly and intensely than usual. A Full Moon always brings light and awareness into the specifics of its sign. A Lunar Eclipse is an extra powerful Full Moon… she is restarting your emotional consciousness with a new level of awareness.

This Eclipse in Aries is opposing the relationship sign, Libra. Aries is a fire sign and is ruled by Mars. With Aries you are invited to learn about self-assertiveness, adventure and will power. The shadow of Aries is violence, anger, hatred, abuse, war… manifestations along those lines. In your birth chart, Mars describes where you need to learn courage, integrate those fiery energies and make a stand in spite of your fears. The high qualities of Aries and Mars are about becoming a warrior of the heart, defending and protecting the weak.

With the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse these possibilities are available for you. You can learn to balance these aspects with the loving, compromising, more accommodating qualities of Libra. As a result, you can find a new center in your own sense of self-value in all your relationships.

Autumnal Equinox September 23

The summer is changing towards autumn in the Northern Hemisphere with the second equinox of the year. The autumn equinox, September 23 at 1:20 pm PDT, marks the point in time when the length of the day equals the length of the night. After the equinox, the nights will be getting longer and with that, slightly shifting our attention and energy flow inwards.

Equinoxes and Solstices in the cycle of the year are energetically super potent times to set intentions, let go of the old, to participate in prayers and rituals. All over the world, people are coming together to dance around a bonfire at the beach or at special places like Stonehenge.

It is a great time to dance, celebrate life and share your bounty with others.

Shakti Carola Navran evolutionary astrologer and published author: “I have been giving astrological readings professionally for 38 years now. I love to do this work! Looking at a chart through the evolutionary perspective of the soul adds a deeply meaningful and significant perception of yourself in your life, giving you better choices to align yourself with the current cosmic flow.”

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