The Moon in Leo Horoscope is relevant for all of us but even more so if you have Sun, Moon, Ascendant or any other planets in Leo. Throughout the year I will give you very practical steps and suggestions with my videos. You will learn about all the different horoscopes signs and how to use these planetary energies in the best, most successful way.

With the Full Moon in Leo it is all about how we can thrive in our life through connecting with our passion and joy.
Leo is a sign of individuality and personal power. Leo in its highest expressions is the sign of self-empowerment and creative contribution as a benign leader and force for good. This can work well for you in taking charge and planning for a successful year.

When the Full Moon is culminating in Leo the Sun has to be in Aquarius. Aquarius represents the morphogenetic field of group consciousness and human evolution. Your individual work of integration of higher consciousness into your daily life has an impact on the whole. Our personal identifications with ego and self-image, gender, race, religion and country will shape the global manners of how we are treating each other on a bigger scale. With Pluto in Capricorn those old beliefs and structures will not survive this century. We will have to come together as one humanity and solve the problems we are facing.
If you have any planets in Leo or you want to get prepared for the Full Moon cycle with the Leo personality you have come to the right place. My Moon astrology teachings for the Leo January 2016 horoscope will help you with the 5 best steps to take and use this month’s Full Moon energies to your dvantage.
I also talk about the healing power of gemstones and the true birthstone for Leo and you can find a longer, more in-depth video here about the relation of astrology and how to find your true healing birthstones. Enjoy!

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