on Feb 8, 2014

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CORRECTION: Full Moon is 26 degrees and one minute of Virgo not 1 degrees. Sorry about that! The Full Moon in Virgo; the astrological Forecast for March 16, 2014 will teach YOU about the Virgo personality & will give you practical suggestions how to adjust with the energy of the stars. http://www.MauiAstrologyReading.com
for individualized readings & counseling.
We will look at the Full Moon in Virgo and how to align your inner emotions with this specific lunar archetype of this month. This material will be very relevant for you if you have any planets in Virgo in your birth chart. You will find out how to be with the universal energies in the best, most successful way. It is all about how to ride the cosmic wave… how to set your intentions for more fun & joy…

Online Astrology Classes for Beginners
• If you really want to start learning astrology with Shakti you can do that with
I will be teaching online astrology classes for beginners where I will teach you about the signs, planets and houses and how it all comes together in your birth chart. These will be live webinars in small groups to give each participant enough personal attention.

Astrology can be a spiritual journey and a wisdom path. Learning astrology to get to know yourself more deeply or to embark on a new career can both be very valuable for your own inner spiritual growth and maybe help you to be a stronger force for good in the world.
Let me know if you are interested because space is limited to 12 people and I will send you more information about the particularities. http://www.MauiAstrologyReading.com

• Make sure you sign you up for SUBSRIPTIONS for regular astrological updates and forecasts & get your FREE BIRTH CHART wheel and Love stone report for your Venus position in your horoscope.
The Full Moon is a time of growing self-consciousness. It is a wonderful way to become more aware of the planetary influences and how to use those forces. In this video I will give you very practical suggestions about how to be with the universal energies in the best, most successful way. It is all about how to ride the cosmic wave… how to set your intentions for more fun & joy…

Or head over to my website http://www.MauiAstrologyReading.com
for personal readings of your birth chart, relationship readings, parenting support & forecast readings…& get prepared optimally… As you know a 100 % preparation is a 100 % success in life!
“When you are in alignment with your soul you are thriving in your life! I have been reading astrological horoscopes professionally for 35 years & I love to do this work. To look at your astrological signs & your zodiac horoscope through the evolutionary perspective of the soul adds a deeply meaningful perception to your life. Astrology will give you solutions & better choices to align yourself for success and spiritual growth.

You can book online astrology readings with professional astrologer & published author Shakti Carola Navran. One hour segments for $ 99. Call me at 808 878–8182 Hawaiian Time or visit http://www.MauiAstrologyReading.com

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