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Being a Mom means you are the center of the family- the healer, the shepherd, the teacher. You are setting the emotional tone nourishing the needs of your kids and partner. If you don’t feel good – nobody in your family feels good. Self-care is absolutely paramount for you these days with the upcoming Full Moon in Taurus! By taking care for your own needs first you are taking care for your family. Only a full cup of water can sustain their thirst! The Moon is the archetype for the Divine Feminine and following the lunar astrology with the magical points of the Full Moon and New Moon you can learn to take care for your activated emotional sensitivities and needs.

The question is how can you balance yourself? Astrology is holding some answers for you because it gives you the conscious awareness for higher or lower choices based on the energetic, archetypal fields involved. Your Moon position in your personal birth chart will give you very specific information as to what your own personal fears and needs are in order to be happy. But the general activations through Full and New Moon will be an added influence to your self-experience.

A Super Full Moon at 12 degrees Taurus November 3-4 at 10:22 pm PST

A Full Moon always brings extra light and awareness into the specifics of its sign. For a brief period of time we feel our inner world of emotions more directly and intensely than usual. This one is a Super Full Moon which means it is closest to the earth and with that it is impacting our energy bodies even more strongly than a normal Full Moon.

This super charged Full Moon is also coinciding with SAMHAIN the midpoint between Summer Equinox and Winter Solstice. The veils between the worlds and dimensions are thinning and we celebrate Halloween. It is traditionally a time we honor our ancestors and the spirit world of the nonphysical. With the practical sense of Taurus we can have a grounded perception of the rather mystical experiences available to us.

Taurus is the First Sign of Earth and Ruled by Venus, the Goddess who enriches your heart with beauty and love.


Is deeply in touch with the physical dimension of life

  • Is learning to enjoy the simple pleasures of life
  • Is valuing comfort, stability, physical pleasures
  • Is artistically gifted and oriented
  • Is, after all is said, very pragmatic and down to earth

With Taurus you are invited to take care for your body, your needs and find out how to balance yourself within the demands of the physical world. Step by step Taurus moves ahead, faces reality and what needs to be done. Taurus will help you to integrate and make good practical use of those insights and revelations.

When we look at a Moon or planets in Taurus, the soul has a need to learn to be more down to earth, realistic, grounded, calm and centered in the world. Through that learning the soul will gain a deepened sense of self-value and security.

Suggestion: Enjoy your body, your physical home and get a massage or a facial and pamper your temple an extra bit this month. Learn to enjoy yourself! 

New Moon at 26 degrees Scorpio at 3:42 am PST November 18

A New Moon is that moment of stillness in which the new creation is conceived. It is the beginning of a new cycle of emotional maturation and growth depending on the sign it is happening in. With the New Moon in Scorpio you will be invited to truly connect with your inner world of feelings and much needed changes in your life will be highlighted in your awareness.

Scorpio is the sign of intensity, deep healing and transformation, the Phoenix Rising out of Ashes. The evolutionary goal is to learn about letting go and deep, honest self-observation.

As a result this New Moon can expose your deepest fears and areas of unconscious needs and desires. It is a time for honest self-reflection and truth. You will feel things deeply and more intensely than usual; and by releasing old beliefs and presumptions about life, a new cycle of conscious evolving into higher self-expression is possible.

The Taurus archetype of grounding and integration complements nicely the intensity and depth of Scorpio. Therefore chopping wood and carrying water, enlightened or not, attunement to practical demands of life is for the whole month.

Shakti Carola Navran is an evolutionary astrologer, video blogger, and published author. She is a professional who reads the psycho-dynamic information of your chart in the bigger perspective of the evolution of your soul – your karma. On her website, http://MauiAstrologyReading.com, sign up for your free newsletter to get your free horoscope. Shakti has provided astrological readings for 40 years and is available for individual consultations. Call 808 878–8182.

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