solar eclipsedreamstime_4552060August is a very potent month with these two eclipses and other transits happening with it. By now you probably have heard about the Total Leo Solar Eclipse moving over the heartland of the US. That is why it is also called the Big American Solar Eclipse. This is a very magical, mysterious event for many to watch.

Total Solar Eclipse August 21 at 29 degrees in Leo at 11:30 am PST

Please keep in mind that a Solar Eclipse is always a New Moon signifying an extra strong new beginning. A Solar Eclipse is happening when the Moon is briefly between the Sun and the earth, interrupting the light reaching us. Eclipses can be compared to rebooting your consciousness. Total Solar Eclipses always hold a deep attraction because of the mystery of it. The Moon is swallowing the Sun, daylight is darkening into a twilight movie set. If you have never seen a total eclipse this is your chance.

” The central shadow-path of this eclipse slices across America.  It first touches U.S. soil at Government Point, Oregon, at 10:16 a.m., local time, then it crosses Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee.  It clips the northeastern corner of Georgia, then sweeps across South Carolina before heading out to sea.  Those are the states where Totality is visible.  Weather permitting, the rest of the continental USA will at least see a partial eclipse.  The event has America’s name on it, in other words.  Furthermore it occurs opposite the “revolutionary” Aquarian moon in the most commonly-accepted birth chart for the United States – the “Sibley chart,” which is the one that most accurately reflected the timing of the attacks of September 11.

Leo is the Lion, the “King of the Beasts.”  This eclipse involves the archetype of kingship – leadership, in other words.  It is triggering that Aquarian Moon in the USA chart, the sign of revolution, genius, and either breakthrough or breakdown.  Since we are talking about an eclipse, we know that something must die to make way for a different future.  During the second half of August, we are likely to see dramatic events connected with the fusion of these symbols.

Leo represents those “kings” that rule us – political leaders and captains of industry and finance. (Remember that not everything would happen right on August 21. The rest of the month is active too.  Some events rooted in the eclipse will be further triggered by the arrival of Mars on the eclipse-point around September 2, the arrival of Venus there on September 18, and the square aspect of Mars to that point on January 23, 2018.)

Does Trump get impeached, as many predict?  Or simply consolidate his power?  Does he stage a coup, as many fear?  Does the military step in? Martial law? Massive civil unrest? Assassinations? ” (Steven Forrest)

Also it is happening on the Leo Ascendant of Trump who will be strongly impacted personally and as the head of state. The ASC symbolizes a connection to our physical body and hard transits to it can signify health problems. Health problems relating to Leo are centered around the heart and the sustenance of our core life force. Trump has his Mars right on his ASC which could mean violent action towards him (possibly an assassination) or he is dishing it out himself by starting a war, trying for a dictatorship something along those lines…

Lunar Eclipse August 7 at 15 degrees Aquarius at 11:10 am PST

Everybody keeps talking about the spectacular Total Solar Eclipse but forgets it will we preceded by a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. With that we will go into the Solar Eclipse with a certain level of emotional unrest, impatience and with the revolutionary drive for freedom and breaking free of tyranny.

Aquarius is the revolutionary; she is guided by a vision of freedom, equality and solidarity. Aquarians are the activists, the rebellious spirits and cutting edge volunteers helping the evolution to unfold so that progress can be made. We are all asked to connect with the Aquarian spirit deeply this month. Whenever the Moon is involved, the guidance is happening through your feelings, which is not always a comfortable thing. The Law of Attraction teaches you to follow the guidance system of your emotions.

I do believe things have been building up to a breaking point since the election and the Lunar Eclipse might provide the fuel for things to blow up with the Solar Eclipse. It is good to keep in mind that for the Phoenix out of Ashes to rise, the old bird has to die first to make place for the new one. Similarly we need to let go of old structures and believes in order to be ready to reach a new level of collective consciousness. Power, money and greed are the driving forces in our society and political land scape. Our political leadership is at an all-time low. History teaches us that sometimes things have to get really bad in order to provide us with the fuel to make changes. We will have to come together as one PEOPLE and solve the problems we are facing. There are also a lot of smart, honorable people out there. I am really excited and optimistic about what is happening in the collective! These eclipses will have a lasting impact at least for another half year.

What Can You Do? Where is Your Personal Place of Power?

For you as an individual the most important thing to know is how you personally might be impacted by either one of these Eclipses. That would be if these eclipses are touching any planets in your birth chart.  If you are born in the week around February 17, May 19, August 21 itself or November 20, your Sun will be squared by this Solar Eclipse. The Sun being the center of our identity, consciousness and core will have to let go something old in order to grow and thrive from here on.  A personal reading can help you profoundly to gain insight into how this big event might impact you very personally.

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Consciousness is always the deciding factor how we are able to navigate challenging times. Astrology is a wonderful instrument to raise your consciousness in order to achieve beneficial outcomes in our life. For you and me personally, it is important to have awareness of where our deepest fears of change lie and how we try to control them–because we try to control the uncontrollable. Instead we could use that energy to move forward into new dimensions and new experiences. Let me help you to shed some light for you! 

Get ready for a month of change and new beginnings…

Shakti Carola Navran is an evolutionary astrologer, video blogger, and published author. She is a professional who reads the psycho-dynamic information of your chart in the bigger perspective of the evolution of your soul – your karma. On her website,, sign up for your free newsletter to get your free horoscope. Shakti has provided astrological readings for 40 years and is available for individual consultations. Call 808 878–8182.

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