What Can Evolutionary Astrology Do for You?

You found your way here because you are somehow curious about astrology as a way of enhancing your quality of life. Astrology is magical! It is part of an old occult tradition practiced all over the world across all ages. Astrology is a system that works with symbols to describe the archetypal elements underlying our three- dimensional perception of the world. The planets in the different signs and houses in your horoscope symbolize the universal principles playing out through you in your life. If you seek an understanding of those principles and approach your life with creative openness, you will find your path to the highest possibilities for being and living.

An Astrological Reading is Your Map to Success


Astrology is a wonderful tool if used wisely. It can help you gain clarity about your life’s purpose, your Dharma, your mission and destiny in life. A life of self-examination is a life lived more fully and joyfully. It gives you conscious choices and clear intentions for reaching your highest potentials and creating the life of your dreams. Astrological counseling is a wonderful way to become aligned with your stars, following the map of your birth astrology.

As an evolutionary astrologer I believe you are a soul on a journey as a part of an ever-expanding consciousness, an old soul who has been here many times before. Looking into the karmic dimension of your life and what you came here to heal or learn is deeply satisfying and can provide answers about why you are the way you are, in your potential and challenges. It can unlock your future!

I would feel deeply honored to spend some precious time together providing you with astrological counseling. Please read more about me and check these testimonials to find out if I would be the right person to serve as your astrological guide.

I do astrological readings online via Skype or at my studio on Maui, Hawaii. Email me or call me at 808-878-8182, Hawaiian time.


 Love Astrology for Couples: Anniversary & Honeymoon Astrology


As an expert in astrological counseling for couples, I can help you have a more harmonious journey with your partner through deeper understanding of each other’s needs. Relationships can be complicated and they need our attention to keep thriving. Learning more about the dynamics of relationships will keep your love growing and deepen your intimacy. >>>


Parenting Astrology (Synastry, comparison)


I love to work with parents—interpreting their children’s birth chart and teaching them how they can mentor and guide  them intentionally in accordance with their soul’s needs. These readings are totally potential oriented and will be tremendously helpful for you as a parent.  >>>




Astrological Forecast & Weather Report (Transits, progressions, solar arcs and solar return chart)


By studying the interplay of astrological forces at the present moment and over the coming year you can be well prepared for what is to come and use the current planetary energies to your advantage. Your knowledge of the celestial forces will help you make better decisions. >>>



Locational Astrology
(Relocation horoscope and Astro Cartography)


What do the stars have to say about the place where you live? Are you planning to move to a new place? Astro Cartography and relocation astrology can help you position yourself successfully. Find your sweet spot on this beautiful planet… >>>




Skype Astrology

In the 21st century one of the delightful gadgets we get to play with is Skype. I have been giving astrological readings on Skype for people all over the globe, in Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, Tokyo, Thailand, Korea, Germany, Barcelona, London, and of course the mainland U.S. It still leaves me in awe that I can see you and talk to you for free anywhere on the planet that you have internet access. It seems like magic!  >>>




Gemstone Profile of Your True Birthstones

If you love Gemstones and you are looking for a beautiful and elegant way to support your healing journey get your list of power stones! 

Your personal Gemstone Profile includes the metaphysical descriptions of about 14 stones that represent the most favorable stones in your birth chart for the 10 classical planets, your Moon Nodes, your Ascendant and Chiron. Your gemstone profile is completely individual, unlike anyone else’s, because it corresponds to the exact moment of your birth. >>>


If you just want a taste to begin with you, can choose your individualized report for only two of your true birthstones based on your personal chart. You can find out about your true Power Gems (birthstones) for different subjects in your life like LoveSelf-EsteemAbundance, Will Power and so on. >>>


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